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Wyatt Bailey

AutoReady 12V Heated Seat Cushion New

AutoReady 12V Heated Seat Cushion New

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The Auto Ready heated seat cushion has a non-slip backing that works well with leather, vinyl, or upholstered interiors. It is powered by the 12-volt socket in your car and is adjustable for a universal fit. In addition to offering extra padding, the soft cushion insulates the heating mechanism. Moreover, it resists spills and is simple to spot clean using a moist towel. It's simple to choose the ideal temperature with the high/low adjustable heat setting, and the auto shut-off mechanism protects against overheating. The seat cushion is simple to put in and take out, moves easily between cars, and may be used inside on a chair that needs a bit more cushion or at home or at work as bench seating.

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