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Wyatt Bailey

7AM Enfant Warmmuffs - Ash Blue

7AM Enfant Warmmuffs - Ash Blue

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Calling all parents who鈥檝e lost a glove on a cold winter walk鈥攚hile juggling a stroller and a fussy baby. Warmmuffs make 鈥渞unaway mittens鈥?a thing of the past. They鈥檙e cozy and durable, with a water repellent outer shell, poly insulation, and a super soft plush lined interior. But what makes them really special is the ingenious design, which attaches right to your stroller handle. Just slip your hands in and go to stay toasty on even the coldest winter strolls. When baby needs something, slide your hands out, do what you need to do, and go on your way. Transitioning between pushing the stroller and tending to your little one has never been easier鈥攁nd you鈥檒l never lose another glove.

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