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Wyatt Bailey

794697 Fog Liquid (1 qt) | Halloween City

794697 Fog Liquid (1 qt) | Halloween City

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With Fog Liquid, even the floors of your Halloween party will seem eerie! For use in fog machines, the fog liquid produces a continuous, even fog. Use this fog juice to give your school play, Halloween party, or other event that extra oomph. For Halloween, combine the Fog Liquid with lights and other decorations to create a spooky atmosphere! Product details for Fog Liquid:One pint around 4-5 hours in length Produced in the United States Note in general: Fog Juice keeps well for 12 to 18 months when stored in a heat-sealed jar. The shelf life of Fog Juice is less than a year once the seal is broken, and this can vary based on the cap and storage conditions. Although safe, Fog Juice Quart is not intended for human consumption.

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