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Wyatt Bailey

48 Box Level Beam XPro

48 Box Level Beam XPro

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The most accurate work demands a product of superior quality.The Sola 48鈥?Box Level Beam X-Pro (LSX48) meets those needs. Sola strives to supply the world閳ユ獨 best levels 閿?levels that remain consistent , even in the most demanding conditions on construction sites. Professional tradespeople have been putting their trust in Sola levels for years. The most important spot on a level is the half inch span 閳ユ競etween the rings閿?of the vial. Its that space that determines if your job is done, or if you need to tweak things a little bit more. As a professional, you look at that space a lot 閿?multiple times a day. After talking to hundreds of professional builders, Sola challenged themselves to come up with a solution to make your daily work easier. The result is the patented Sola Focus Vial. Sola invented this technology and stopped using ring vials in all our premium levels. The reason was simple : Over 80% of professional level users surveyed overwhelmingly preferred the Sola Focus vial. Sola Focus Vials provide 4x higher contrast than ring vials with 60 % magnification for more precise measuring. Sola box beam levels are the most accurate box beam levels in the world.

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